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Sunset on 21

file (1)Choco Beach, Lombok. 

Watching sunset with you is kind of my happiness.


September 21, 2013.

21I might loved you for a thousand years yet, but today I’ve loved you for 365 days and I will (yes, my pleasure) do that for year and year ahead, :)

Happy 1st Anniversary, Rabil.

Pic of day, by you.

Matahari terbenam.

Kalian menyebutnya dengan cantik, tapi aku menyebutnya dengan kenangan.

Sunset and you.

Sunset, Choco Beach, Lombok.

Aku engga inget betul tanggal berapa foto ini diambil. kayaknya sih sekitar tanggal 22 dua bulan yang lalu. yang aku tau pasti, aku ngeliat sunset ini bareng dia.

Sunset, Choco Beach, Lombok.

sehabis ngeliat sunset bareng, kita pergi makan tahu tek-tek di Ampenan.

it has been 2 months since the first time we met. and it was only 4 days since we didn’t face to face each others. </3 and i already miss him.