After Rain.

by diatami

Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet. And I’m in a person that “just get wet when it rains”.

People (I-meant-to-the-teens) that feel the rain usually have the same reasons.

tumblr_lr22w0fDqq1qae5mjo1_500_largeOthers just have another reasons.

I kinda dislike a raining day. I do love the earth after a rainy day. I’ve done listed my reasons of being in love with the earth after a rainy day:

1.) The earth after rain, seems like the feeling after crying.

2.) The smell after rain, its like comfortable you inside.

3.) The way the road looks after it has rained.


Also the city looks.


4.) There’s always God rays emerge from the cloud bumps. Seems like the angels are come down to earth.


5.) There’s always a rainbow after rain, as we known-well. ;)

6.) But the most I love from these list… The view color after rain, especially during the afternoon. A Brightly Yellow!

185898_1816876590665_1502627512_1842428_381101_n_largeKeep dry, Guysss! ;) – d