Brightly gloaming like crepuscle of twilight

by diatami

Kenapa ‘kenangan itu’ harus kugambarkan dengan sunset, sementara masih banyak yg bisa kugambar kan, jauh lebih indah. sementara sunset seperti menggambarkan sebuah keindahan yang menyelipkan kesedihan. artiannya bisa seperti ini deh…

The sunset moments just show us as; Someone while waiting for sunset moments on the western horizon, sit silently during enjoy the beauty of twilight ahead, she knows exactly that the beauty is only temporary. But she still waiting ’til the sundown, disappeared slowly, then totally darkness are around her. And she keep waits for another sunset moments everyday.

Like waiting for something that is not definite.


Brain: Think twice! Maybe you would get more happier if you wake up early morning and go watch sunrise. Sunrise moments show you more of beauty and more of happy. Sunrise moments promise you about new hopes for your loses and brighter your day than sunset could do. But why the fuck you keep sit there and wait for sunset moments?


Heart: Because I watch the sunset gloaming with him. Poor me! I haven’t get a time to watch sunrise moments with him yet! If I could, I’ll love both. Both are depends on with or without him. Hehehe :p

Forever, in case of women life, heart always beat the brain down, outdo brain, and heart prevail you.

But still bring your brain with you in every your moves, gurls. :-)

A girl that brightly gloaming like crepuscle of twilight, @diatamimuftia