Today recipe: Chicken Rolls

by diatami

chicken rollsWhat a shine of golden chicken rolls of mine, for peaceful Tuesday morning! I’m definitely proud of me!!!


  • Boneless Chicken Breast
  • Ham
  • Cheese
  • calamansi
  • Fish Sauce
  • Vetsin
  • Egg
  • Flour
  • Bread Crumbs


  1. Put the chicken into a bowl, add Calamansi and fish sauce. Let it for 15mins
  2. Prepare the ham and cheese.
  3. Get one piece of chicken and Roll up each ham slice and cheese, on top of the chicken
  4. If chicken were all rolled up into the ham and cheese. Cover every piece of chicken with plastic and steam it for one hour.
  5. After steaming, roll the chicken into the flour, the egg and lastly in the bread crumbs.
  6. Heat oil in a frying pan, and fry the chicken until golden brown. And serve in a plate. 

NB: I recommended, prefer to don’t eat The Chicken Roll while its hot. wait for 5-10 minutes until The Chicken Roll not too hot (warm; for correctly). Its good way to eat this golden brown awesome chicken. trust and prove it! :-)

source: @kitchentrips – find this acc on twitter right now.

Have a delicious breakfast on 25th of December whole the World… – diatami