A tale…

by diatami

tumblr_lpj9weCM021qc26eso1_500_largeTrust. There’s not a good bye, it’s will see you soon. :-)

long-distance-long-distance-love-love-retro-Favim.com-531344_largeWaiting is the hardest part. And you have to trust him that he’ll keeping his promise to see you soon as possible. But deeply, you wants him be next to you now. Not a soon. 

246730_497343396945018_1998513424_n_largeAnd when you remind the day when you go hang out with him. Through the street together. 

543013_467267639990998_342825026_n_largeAnd the distance is really, really… killing you inside. 

And you get a text from him, told you that he missing you a lot. Much, much, and much… missing you for sure. 

tumblr_mbord7YrCY1rsmt4ko1_500_largeAnd he told you clearly that he loves you, he wants you, he miss you, and he glads to have you now. You speak to him, “Come here..” and he answer you with smoothly voice. “I wish i could.” You know that in his voice, there’s a regret.

tumblr_mcwzvic4vj1rpaq36o1_500_largeAn egoism.

378982_4072108204548_1621510001_n_largeAnd he calmed you, told you. “I’ll see you soon and kiss your forehead as soon as possible. Be patient. Don’t give up.” :-)

distance-inspiration-love-words-Favim.com-321041_largeYou are realizing that distance is a test of love. Be patient, believe, respect, keep a faith each others are such a worth thing you never had in other relationship, expect being in a LDR. 

tumblr_mejhalPGOx1rmc94oo1_500_largeAnd you go to the beach, where you made a lot of memories together, and believing for “better things are coming” as soon as possible. 

– d