Meaningfull of distance

by diatami

Morning, sunshine, for Indonesia region especially, and waving hand for people that who still being in LDR (Long Distance Relationship). 

A few days ago, a friend of mine told me something that make me surprised.

“I envious with you, with your relationship. I just think over about this and I wish, I could be in your position, being in long distance relationship.”

Bang. That was unpredictable spoken out from my friend, really. What have I done that make she thought like that?

And she said again,

“I want to be experienced what have you done. The time when you miss him a lot, when you want to see each other but you couldn’t see. I desire a strong faith that you keep in your heart hardly, but you still trust him. I wish I was you right now. An ordinary relationship (not in long distance relationship) that I live now, it’s never be what have you done with your LDR at all. My boyfriend and me, probably couldn’t respect each other. I almost don’t trust him. But you, you are not. I rather date somebody who’s perfect for me and put up with the distance than put up with being treated like shit by somebody who lives closer.  Maybe, distance is a test of love to find the true love.”

tumblr_m5p3213Or21rtokqko1_500_large“Distace is a test of love. Many will fail for those who can’t withstand it. But for those who can, there’s only one answer: true love.” – weheartit.

“LDR: Its only for those people who can make the distance like nothing.” – Her, Diatami.